Short Term Rental Design School 

You be the designer. I'll teach you how. 


Good Design = More Bookings. Period.

Watch this quick video for a peek inside the course!


If you want to decorate your rental like a pro but avoid the hassle and stress that comes with the Pinterest hamster wheel, this course is for YOU.

Think it costs too much to have a beautifully decorated short term rental? 


Creating a well designed space that sets you apart in a crowded sea of same-sees, is completely within your reach. 


Through this course you will gain:

✔ A no fuss roadmap for staging your rental in less time and with less stress!

✔ Knowledge of where to spend and where to save when outfitting your rental.

✔ Confidence in your design choices (because we'll start with a plan! 🙌)

✔A design buddy (me, Val!) to bounce things off of throughout your decorating journey. 

Basically… YOU'LL HAVE ALL THE DETAILS YOU NEED to produce a beautifully designed Short Term Rental that you can be proud of, and that will make you more money!! 



"Val's Short Term Rental Design Course taught me everything I needed to take my Pinterest photos and transform my investment property. She has put so much passion into her business. Her course is designed to tell you where to spend, where to save, and is a one stop shop for resources that anyone setting up a short term rental needs. Her tips SAVED ME MONEY AND TIME starting from day one."

Autumn Shannon
Airbnb Host

"As hosts who are constantly looking for ways to enhance our current vacation rental, we were looking for a way to put our favorite pretty Pinterest pictures into action. Quill Decor's well-organized structure had us feeling more confident in our choices right away and undoubtedly saved us time and money by helping us avoid costly design errors. We highly recommend ‘Design Your Bnb’ to anyone looking for a tried and true way to plan for interior design success within their short term rental!"

Klara and Brandon
Airbnb owner and host

Here are the Facts: 

  • You have approximately 4 seconds to grab the attention of your potential guests with one thumbnail photo when they're scrolling on a booking site.

  • Short-term rental properties with the best photos book MORE FREQUENTLY with HIGHER NIGHTLY RATES.

  • AND they maintain consistently higher quality clientele.





The more you invest upfront in the furnishings & decor of your rental, the more successful you'll be. BUT, good design can be practical and affordable! Let me show you how! 

Meet Your Teacher and Coach

Hi, I'm Val! 

I am here to help make this Airbnb design process fun and ATTAINABLE for you! 

Having outfitted and designed multiple Airbnb properties, plus having owned a property and hosted myself, I've learned along the way some pitfalls to avoid, have figured out the secret formula for how much decor you need (and how much you don't!) and also cracked the secret to saving money when buying all the many items needed for a temporary rental! 

I'd love to teach you all my trade secrets for getting your property POSH and GUEST READY fast. 

Time is money, so let's get started! 

"This course has been the best money I’ve spent in a long time! I’ve learned so much, and never thought I’d ever be able to do anything like this. I’ve gained a lot of experience setting up Airbnb’s for the last 6 years, but this course is really taking it up several levels for me and adding a whole new potential income stream for my STR management business. "

Deven Ogden

I was able to design this Airbnb...

as a case study, and then filmed the entire course inside, allowing me to teach by example and let you in on my processes. You'll see behind the scenes tips and tricks, and receive access to all of the resources we used when furnishing and decorating this 3 bedroom house.

Here is a breakdown of what you'll learn:


I'm going to teach you the fundamentals of residential interior design. We'll discuss balance, color, function and form, AND how these relate to Airbnb design specifically. 


In Lesson 2 we will dive deep into how to plan the perfect living room around your guests needs. As the main gathering space in your property, the design of this room is vital to your success! 


People often choose temporary rentals to gather. We will discuss practical and easy tips to bring your dining space to life for your guests. 


Thoughtful bedroom design is essential for the ultimate comfort of your guests. We'll talk about how to create a peaceful place of rest to get you immediate 5 star reviews. 


Your competition is not only other bnb's, but also hotels! We'll discuss how to beat all of your competitors, and how to create the ultimate guest experience. This will set you apart as a Super host!! 

Bonus 1:  Val’s Complete Shopping Guide (A quick and easy reference for furniture and decor from brands I trust)

Bonus 2: Amenities shopping list  (Easily stock your rental with quality goods.) 

Bonus 3: Video lesson: How to create and use VISION BOARDS to pull your ideas together.

Bonus 4: Pre-filled budgeting worksheet template

Bonus 5:  Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls for coaching on design progress

"Valerie's short-term rental design course was just what I was looking for. My husband and I had purchased two very outdated vacation rentals. The Quill Design e-course was perfect to walk me step-by-step through how to set up a design for each room of the houses. I also found that the vision boards she taught us how to create were invaluable for selecting and purchasing all of our furnishings online. This course is a must-have for any vacation rental owner who wants their listing to stand out and get the highest daily rates in any competitive market."

Lindsay Diven
Short Term Rental Owner

One of my BEST Pro tips: 


I'll teach you a fast and easy way to make designer vision boards. You choose how much time you want to invest in these boards. The point is not to make them perfect, the point is that they help you gather your thoughts, bring your vision together cohesively and ultimately allow you to make good design decisions.  

There are one million decisions ahead of you.

I'm here to help! 

"Valerie's course is the perfect resource to learn how exactly to decorate Airbnbs, whether you're decorating it for yourself or for a client! She provides a huge wealth of information for every part of the home as well as useful tips and tricks for hosting and marketing your listing. I loved the lists she offered of her favorite places to buy items from. I felt so prepared to decorate Airbnbs for my clients in a stylish, efficient way to help us both succeed! "

Interior Decorator


  • You're looking to go from endless internet scrolling to taking the right steps towards having a well designed rental!
  • You want to attract your ideal guests and obtain 5 star reviews FAST!
  • You want access to my tested resource list to create a dreamy rental that will delight all of your future guests. 
  • You're ready to be proud of the space you've decorated, and to start booking up your rental calendar!

"This summer I took Quill Decor's Short Term Rental Design Course and I’m so glad I did! While I’m a fairly experienced self taught designer, the content and instruction gave me added confidence in my decision making. This course covers every step with great detail and even the most inexperienced stager will have all the knowledge they need for success."

Rebecca Rhey
AirBnb Host


Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 videos total, one for each lesson, averaging approximately 15 minutes each. The homework can take as little or as much time as you like depending on how invested you become in the design process. 

Keep in mind, the homework will be walking you through the steps towards completing your Airbnb design. This is time you would have spent anyway, but without a step by step guide to keep you on track and focused. So, ultimately, the course should save you time and help you get your rental up and running as quickly as possible, with a unique and eye-catching design in the end!

The sourcing and design advice is targeted towards the U.S. If you are outside of the U.S., you may still find much of the advice applicable and useful, but you should be aware that the sourcing of items wouldn't directly translate. 

Yes! If you give the course a fair shot and feel it wasn't helpful to you, then by all means please reach out to me within 2 weeks of purchase for a refund. 

This course is solely focused on the furniture and decor of your rental, so no I don't discuss renovation advice. If you you'd like private consulting around renovation projects for Airbnb properties, please reach out directly and I'd be happy to discuss your project with you. ([email protected])

Yes, I do! If you have a property you're interested in hiring me to design on your behalf, please email details  to [email protected] so that we can discuss further. 


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