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An Easy 3-Step Plan for your Airbnb Window Coverings

Aug 30, 2022

(above image: Stoffer Photography Interiors)

Window treatments can really go either direction for making a room feel complete and refined, or chintzy and cheap. You obviously don't want your rental to look cheap. You want it to look polished, put together, cool, and most importantly, guest ready. That's why you're here reading this blog, right? Right.  

I've considered posting a round up of the best 20 blinds and curtain panels, but I think maybe let's not complicate the issue. Best to cut to the chase sometimes, and you've got lots of decisions ahead for completing the decor in your rental.

3 EASY(ish) Steps to Layer the Right Window Treatments in Your Airbnb:

  1. Hard Blinds
  2. Curtain Rod
  3. Curtain Panels

I say easy-ish steps because doing window treatments yourself isn't really easy. It's going to take some work. However, to help cut down on the time and effort you put into this process, let's narrow down the time you spend selecting the...

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