How to Choose the Best Dining Room Furniture for your Airbnb

airbnb dining room dining chairs dining table Nov 16, 2022
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When I think about the different dining areas of all the Airbnbs we've stayed in, there's a flash of many memories. Eating, working, playing games — all around various tables in various cities with our family or friends. Sometimes at really creaky unstable tables, sometimes on uncomfortable chairs. But sometimes, I'll call them the best times, we sat around in a nicely designed, well thought out dining area with chic, good quality furniture.

Much like the sofa and bed, your dining table and chairs are the work horses of your rental. You don't want to go super cheap with these items because they will get a LOT of use and abuse over time. Stick with quality and durability. I guarantee spending more for better quality will actually save you money in the long run.

Don't have space for a formal dining area in your rental? Not to worry! A little eating nook or bistro set will be great. What matters is that you offer some kind of practical and comfortable eating space for your guests, and bonus points for you for thinking about the design of that area to make your rental stand out. 

I'll start with what we put into the dining space of this Airbnb. The green dining chairs are from Article. They are SUPER economical, very sturdy, and style-wise this Eames molded plastic chair knock-off is a decor chameleon folding seamlessly into many different style genres.

The end chairs were a bit of a splurge from West Elm, but we happened to score them on a dining sale with an extra 15% off. (But, gosh darn if Article doesn't have a very similar chair now for a fraction of the price. I'd go with this one if had to do it over again. Love ya West Elm, but quality + price savings win when it comes to Rental design.)

The table we used was from a local vintage store (for a lot less), but we'd originally planned to purchase the one in this board, which also goes well with the design.  

1. Black and White Artwork | 2. Green Molded Chair  | 3. Macrame Table Runner | 4. Green Glass Vases (similar) | 5. Small Succulent Pink Vase (similar) 6. Metal Round Tray (similar) | 7. Window Hardware | 8. Lenda Curtain Panel | 9. Wood Frame Dining Chair | 10. Sisal Rug | 11. Dining Table


Quill Decor's Luxe For Less 

To help springboard your dining room design, I've gathered up some inspiration in true Copy Cat Chic style!  Because although you do need durable furniture, you don't need inflated prices. You have a whole house to furnish and a business to run. Am I right?

above image: Sherwood Kypreos

1. | 2. | 3. 4.

above image: Courtney Bishop

1. 2. (similar) | 3. (similar) 4.

above image: The Home Studio

1. | 2. (similar) | 3. 4. | 5. | 6. (similar)

Happy Shopping and Happy Hosting!! 

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