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image above: Travis Mark

Being a designer is all about collaboration. It isn’t enough to just know what looks good. You have to have the vision and then be able to communicate that vision so that it can become a reality…

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might have the opportunity during your career to collaborate with someone who truly inspires you. And oh my goodness, am I one of those lucky few?! The past few weeks have seen me collaborating with my dear friend Stacey St John to create our brand new YouTube channel, Better Your BNB. Stacey is a short-term rental educator and mentor, and together we are making magic happen. (And having a whole lot of fun along the way!)

Better Your BNB is a weekly show where Stacey and I combine our knowledge and passion to provide design and listing reviews for Airbnbs. There is SO MUCH useful info packed into each and every episode. If you’re an Airbnb host who’s absolutely nailing your offering, or one who’s struggling to make ends meet, or anything in between – trust me, you cannot afford to miss this show! We have advice that can be applied to any rental and help increase your bookings! 

Psst… Fancy having your short-term rental featured on the show? What are you waiting for?! Just click this link and take 2 minutes to apply.

image above: Kroniki Studio

Stacey and I became friends through hanging out in the same virtual short-term rental bubble and I am ridiculously excited that next week we finally get to meet each other… IN PERSON! 

We are jetting off to a vacation resort of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to wave our magic short-term rental wands and transform not one, but THREE, vacation rentals. With a tight timeframe — and an even tighter budget!! — we are going to show you, first hand, exactly what can be achieved with a bit of imagination and some careful planning. (Because you always need a plan!)

 Here is a board of some of the items I selected for our makeovers. You'll have to stay tuned to see what made the cut. 

1. Armchair | 2. Outdoor Rug | 3. Pillow Covers | 4. Artwork | 5. Sisal Rug | 6. Coffee Table | 7. Mirror | 8. Faux Plant | 9. Outdoor Stool | 10. End Table | 11. Mirror | 12. Pillow Cover | 13. Bench

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image above: See you very soon Myrtle Beach!

After the live episodes, be sure to keep an eye out right here on the blog for some upcoming posts where I’ll focus on exactly what we did along with all the whys and the hows, as well as sharing some of the amazing products I discovered along the way.

See you in Myrtle Beach!

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