Elevate Your Airbnb: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper

Jul 14, 2023

image above: Anewall

When it comes to creating an unforgettable guest experience in your Airbnb, every detail counts. From the furniture to the decor, every element plays a vital role in shaping the ambiance of the space, standing out from the crowd and ensuring that your Airbnb isn't just yet another cookie-cutter vacation rental. There are many ways to do this and the Quill Blog is all about making your Airbnb the best it can be.

Well today, friends, I want to share with you one of my favorite tools in my design arsenal. Drum roll, please... WALLPAPER! Used wisely, wallpaper is going to give you a design edge that will have those Airbnb scrollers stopping in their tracks and hitting "book now" quicker than you can put the lid back on your tub of wallpaper paste!

With an endless variety of styles, colors, and patterns available, choosing the right wallpaper can transform a space and enhance the character of your Airbnb, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

image above: Bayswater Interiors

So let's drill down into how to select that oh-so-perfect wallpaper and how to use it, shall we? With endless options available, narrowing it down and making the right decision can be the tough part!

Define your Airbnb's style

Before diving into wallpaper options, it's crucial to establish the overall style and theme of your Airbnb. Are you going for a modern, minimalist look or a cozy and rustic feel? (If you're not sure, my STR Style Quiz is a great place to start!) Understanding the desired ambiance will help you narrow down the choices and ensure the wallpaper complements the rest of the decor.

Consider the room's purpose

Each room in your Airbnb serves a different purpose, and the wallpaper should reflect that. For example, you might choose a calming and serene pattern for the bedroom, a bold and vibrant design for the living room, or a playful and whimsical print for a children's room. Tailoring the wallpaper to the room's function will create a cohesive and purposeful atmosphere.

However, we all know that rules are sometimes meant to be broken. So I say just go with what feels best for any given room, and make sure it will flow well with the house design overall. 

Take room size and lighting into account

Wallpaper can significantly impact the perception of space in a room. If you have a small room, consider using lighter-colored wallpaper with smaller patterns to create an illusion of openness. Conversely, in larger spaces, bolder and more intricate patterns can add visual interest. Additionally, consider the natural lighting in each room. Darker wallpapers may be suitable for well-lit areas, while lighter wallpapers can brighten up rooms with limited natural light.

Again, as noted above, sometimes rules should be thrown out the window. The real key is choosing something that is impactful, cleanable, and has enough impact to justify the additional expense!

image above: The Portabello Hotel, London

image above: Joanna Plant Interiors

Balance with existing elements

While wallpaper can be a statement piece, it's essential to strike a balance with the existing elements in the room. Take into account the furniture, flooring, and other accessories when choosing a wallpaper pattern and color. The goal is to create a harmonious and visually appealing space where all elements work together seamlessly.

Opt for durable and easy-to-maintain options

As an Airbnb host, you'll want to choose a wallpaper that is not only visually appealing but also practical and easy to maintain. Consider selecting wallpapers that are washable and resistant to stains and scratches. This will ensure that your walls stay in good condition even with frequent guest turnover. 

Hint: Always get a sample! This will show you how durable the finish is, and what happens when you mark it up a bit and then try to clean it. Also, take a look at the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and recommendations for locations. You ideally want something scrubbable for any high-traffic area and waterproof if it's going in a wet area. 

It would be remiss of me to talk about my love of wallpaper without sharing of few of my favs with you, wouldn't it?!

This big, bold, beautiful offering from Milton and King:

This lovely, whimsical offering by Hygge and West:

This utter gorgeousness from Etsy:

These beautiful Art Deco swans by Spoonflower:

This lovely floral beauty by Milton & King

And last but not least, this gorgeous offering by World Market:


Choosing the right wallpaper for your Airbnb is an exciting opportunity to create a remarkable and noteworthy space. By considering the style, purpose, lighting, and existing elements of each room, you can select wallpapers that enhance the overall ambiance and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Remember to prioritize durability and ease of maintenance to ensure long-lasting beauty in your Airbnb. With careful consideration and a touch of creativity, your wallpaper choices will elevate your space and make it more marketable, giving you the scroll-stopping appeal you want! 

Happy wallpapering, friends!


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