The Affordable Art Your Airbnb Needs Now!

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Decorating walls is something that very few Airbnbs get right, but those that do are undoubtedly more inviting and ultimately more successful. 

Art should make your room feel more alive, and more inviting!

Let's go through some examples of inexpensive, yet interesting art. 

1. Art Prints from Etsy

If you're after something to put in a frame you already own, I highly suggest scouring Etsy. Typically downloadable print files cost around $10 or less. Then all you have to do is print them out from Staples or an online source like Vistaprint in the size that you need. (There will be preset size options listed on the product, so make sure the scale will work with your existing frame if you have one.)

Also, for convenience, these shops will often print the file for you in the size of your choice and ship to your door. It may cost just a bit more than printing yourself, but the convenience might be totally #worthit to you! 

Search for "printable" or "downloadable" art on Etsy in a color from your selected color palette.

Here is a list of some of my favorite Esty shops to find super affordable and high quality prints.

  • ModeaPrints-  I used two large black and white abstract pieces from Modea Prints in the eating nook of this Airbnb House. Most of their art is abstract, in cool color blocks or neutrals.  They make a strong statement in a room, and will give you a cool, modern West-Elm type vibe with out the huge price tag. 

  • ARTxModern- Beautiful landscapes, beach vibes and plants, all with muted colors to fit in a variety of color palettes!  

  • SisiAndSeb- If you are drawn to bright colors in fun prints, then SisiAndSeb may be your signature shop. Most of their art is in landscapes and animal prints with subtle pink and green hues.

  • ArtByASolo- Gorgeous watercolor plants!  Need I say more??? 


  • WallDecoPrintStore- If you're going for a minimalist vibe, then this art will look stellar in your Airbnb. Most of their prints are simple yet dramatic. 


  • StarsAndType- Typography printables are easy to mix into a gallery wall or add to a bedroom for an understated vibe. I was happy with how their "inhale exhale" print looked above this dresser. 

  • VividAteleir- For beautiful animal portraits I go to VividAteleir. They're especially fun for kid oriented bedrooms, like next to these bunk beds.  Animal art has a way of adding a little whimsy and playfulness to a space! And who doesn't love animals? 

2. Handmade Paper

Paper Source sells super affordable handmade marble papers which are each unique and look gorgeous when framed.  We used the teal marble paper in our wall collage below. 

These papers are truly even more beautiful in person, and for less than $10 (not including the shipping) it's a steal for a unique and colorful piece of art. 

Here is another example of the Pink and Grey paper from Papersource I used in a bathroom project. 

3. Target

I'm all about having unique and interesting art in your space, not just boring off-the-shelf products.

However, mixing in some affordable and cool options from places like Target can save you tons of time and money. 

They're convenient, affordable, and ready to hang!

And bonus, easy to return!


4. Second Hand: Antique Stores, Flea Markets, Craigslist, etc...

Second hand is my designer secret to staying ON BUDGET when furnishing and styling your Airbnb!

Here's some real life examples!

These vintage airplane parts were about $200. They look SO COOL in person and help to break up this long blank white wall.  

Antique shops have great pieces of art, often originals, for a lot less than what can be found online. Check out this beaded bird art that came framed. We just changed the frame color to bring this piece back to life!

5. Textile art and Macrame 

If a collage wall is not your thing, and you've got a large area to cover, you could try a softer piece like a textile or macrame. 

One of my favorite Macrame shops on Etsy is called Teddy and Wool. Their items are handmade and ship for free to the U.S. from the Netherlands! Gorgeous! 

 For a tapestry art, I love Society 6 and also found some cool ones on Wayfair. 


Let's suppose you've already found some cool art, and now you need an awesome frame. Here are my top go-to's. 


Target is always a great go-to for inexpensive home decor. Below are a couple of my favorite frames. 

  1. Matted Brass Frame (comes in three sizes)
  2. Matted Black Frame (comes in three sizes)

Hobby Lobby

Here's a basic black frame from Hobby Lobby that I've used before with success. Not the highest quality, but does the job and looks great once on wall! 

If you live near a Hobby Lobby,  They have anywhere from 8x10 to 24x36 in pre-built frames. Make sure to snag a 40 percent off coupon or wait until they have a 50 percent off sale! Hobby Lobby is probably the best place to find inexpensive LARGE frames.


Their tagline is "custom framing made ridiculously easy", and I must say they've nailed it. My experience with Framebridge was 100% positive. The turnaround time was fast, website was a breeze to work with, frame options were great, and my completed product was exactly what I wanted and expected.

This was a quick photo taken of my youngest daughters nursery a couple of years ago. The owl print was purchased from Etsy for around $8, sent directly to Framebridge digitally, where they printed to perfection and framed for me.


Art To Frames

I've also had good luck with Art To Frames. These are mid-quality and get the job done when you need simple frames for a decent price. 

Finding the perfect wall decor may take you longer than you anticipated, but it will be worth the time and effort, ultimately resulting in more bookings and happier stays. Here's to making our walls POP on a budget! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Hosting!! XOXO! 

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