5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Enhance Your Airbnb's Outdoor Space

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Seabatical STR deck area

image above: Baked Tile Co

As short-term rental hosts, we are trying to create an experience for our guests that supersedes that which a hotel can provide. One incredible way to knock your guests' socks off and blow the hotel competition out of the water is with an intimate and unique outdoor experience

If you have a property with any kind of access to the outdoors, whether that be a small patio area, a sprawling backyard, the beach, or anything in between, this post will show you how to capitalize on that space and create an additional 'outdoor room' in which your guests can gather. 

How to create an outdoor space that scoops up all the bookings fast

  • First, think about the type of outdoor space you're looking to enhance. Is it a covered porch? If so you'll have a little more flexibility on the type of furniture you use. Is it an uncovered patio? Can you add a fire pit? We've got inspiration boards for shopping all of these spaces below!
  •  At the outset, be sure to think through what should be achieved in the space you're designing. An extra dining or workspace? A comfy lounge area? A fire pit with surrounding chairs? Think about who your ideal guests are and how they will most likely want to use the space. 
  • Can you add a swing?! People LOVE swings. If you've got the space, definitely try to make that work.


Let's break down some different areas, and how to design them...


 Covered Front Porches 

image above: The Morrow House

When you have a covered space, your furniture and any outdoor textiles you're looking to use will inevitably last longer because they're not quite as exposed to the elements. 

Nothing says welcome to my big covered porch like a set of nice rocking chairs. I have always loved how The Morrow House creates a warm Southern welcome for all of its guests with a perfectly staged front porch space.

Check out the board below to shop a similar look. I'm especially obsessed with the fun outdoor pillows Etsy offers. Their outdoor pillow selection is always impressive with durable and well-priced options. This pattern would look perfect on a black rocking chair!  

1. rocking chair  | 2. lantern | 3. wind chimes | 4. outdoor pillow cover | 5. fiddle leaf fig | 6. terra cotta planter | 7. outdoor sconce | 8. faux succulents | 9. welcome mat | 10. knot door stopper | 11. dining set



Back Patio or Deck Spaces

If you have the opportunity to create a private outdoor space for your guests to enjoy, I vote to throw a bit of money at that area in terms of furniture and look at it as a worthwhile investment that will reap great rewards. A well-photographed outdoor area will create more bookings... Hands down. Every time. No matter what.

Spend a little time thinking through the space you're trying to create and who you're creating it for (what would your ideal guests enjoy?), then start developing some vision boards as you shop for items to include.

Psst... If you'd like to learn how to effectively use vision boards to eliminate stress and overwhelm when making furniture and decor purchase decisions, I would highly suggest checking out my free design class for short-term rentals.

image above: Edmund Barr 

1. bistro lights | 2. lanterns | 3. umbrella | 4. rug | 5. glass balloon vases | 6. hurricane lanterns | 7. fern | 8. blue planter | 9. patio set



Firepit Areas

Is there anything better than a firepit area to hang out with your people on vacation? I don't even know if this section needs any writing except that if you have the space that makes sense for a firepit, DO IT!

I am simply in love with this Polywood chair from Target. It's an amazing price for a durable and long-lasting piece of furniture. Go for the classic black or grey and you can't go wrong. ALSO, I just happened upon this set of 4 Adirondack chairs from Wayfair which looks to be an incredible deal. More than 1500 5-star reviews for these chairs say a lot!

It's also worth saying that I have these S'mores sticks and they're awesome. I'm not sure how well guests would take care of them, so use your judgment. But from personal experience my family LOVES them and we use them all the time. 

I love the idea of leaving a S'mores kit behind for your guests. It can be as simple as a box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a couple of bars of nice chocolate — one bar of milk chocolate for the kids and special dark chocolate for the adults is a super nice touch! For less than $10 you can make your guests happy with this simple gift that will allow them to make lifelong memories with their family.

image above: Camille Styles



1. bistro lights | 2. fire pit | 3. pillows | 4. wood stacker | 5. wool blankets | 6. lanterns | 7. s'mores | 8. jet puffed marshmallows | 9. roasting sticks | 10. wood stool | 11. Adirondack chair



Fun & Games

When it comes to the outdoor spaces of your rental, don't be afraid to have a little fun. This is one area where you can go nuts and maybe even (gasp) stray from the tight color scheme I'm sure you've no doubt created for your rental's interior. 😉

Whatever type of property you have, go a little above and beyond to make the exterior of that space extra special with a few fun, splurge-worthy items.

Do you have space for an outdoor swing of any kind? A hammock? A front porch swing? Because that is always a huge hit for a listing and a powerful visual feature to make your space stand apart!

image above: The Telegraph

image above: West Elm


1. sand toys | 2. colorful glassware | 3. croquet set | 4. hammock | 5. blanket | 6. flamingo | 7. pineapple lights | 8. giant jenga set

Did I get carried away with the large, rose gold, inflatable flamingo...? Possibly.

Do I love him...? Definitely. Plus he has 37 five-star reviews! If you've got a pool you need this guy. Think of those scroll-stopping images you can put at the top of your listing! Not to mention that jumbo Jenga set.

Where can you fold some fun into your rental's outdoor space? Be sure to tag me on Insta and show me what you come up with! 

Happy hosting and happy shopping!

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