Sleeper Sofa Round Up - Best Sleeper Sofas For Your Short Term Rental

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Airbnb Sleeper Sofa

I've been working on a short term rental design project in Portland Oregon, and have been on the hunt for sleeper sofas. (The spot I'm designing is a 1 bedroom, with a nice living area so we wanted a versatile sofa that could sleep one or two more people.) 

Since I've been on this hunt, I thought I would share my findings with a round up of some great looking sleeper sofa options with you. It's not been easy to find sofas in stock for immediate shipment, but some of these have fairly quick ship times.

Scroll on for some great sleeper sofa options broken down by retailer! 

1. $1899  |  2. $1699  |  3. $2499  |  4. $1999

If you're considering adding a sleeper sofa to your BNB, try not to be put off by the larger price tag that comes with them. Of course they cost more. There is a whole bed in there, and that means that you can charge a higher nightly rate for your rental on certain bookings. 

It also makes your property more appealing to different types of guests. (Side note: I absolutely encourage you to sit down and do some thinking about the exact type of guests you're hoping to attract. Doing this work will guide you on all of the important decisions as you're setting up your rental property. And there are million decisions to make, so knowing your ultimate goal in an ideal guest is very helpful.) 


1. $2499  |  2. $999  |  3. $2299  |  4. $2499

(If you're searching for the best sofa's for your rental and don't require the sleeper sofa part, or if you need some help with what style of sofa to choose check out this blog.

I must say I love Pottery barn sofas for the quality and highly recommend the splurge if you're looking to have a sturdy sofa for the long haul. If you choose a stocked fabric, lead times aren't too bad on most items. 

1. $2299  |  2. $1799  |  3. $1899  |  4. $1799

Wayfair and All Modern offer such a wide range, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Try to use the search tool on the left of the window to pair down your search by style or by what is currently in stock and won't take a year to arrive.

You can also now narrow the search to look for "commercial" quality items on these sites. This theoretically means that these items should be more durable. I'm not actually sure if these items have been rated and tested for commercial use, so do some research on the items you're considering. 

1. $1860  |  2. $1399  |  3. $2195  |  4. $2495

It may be important to mention in case you haven't noticed that there is a new trend in sleeper sofas. They're not all the traditional style with a folded mattress inside of the seat. A lot of options now are futon style, where the back tilts and becomes part of a larger flat surface connected with the seat. Or, it may be like the one below where the seat folds out. 

This provides a more cost effective sleeper sofa in some, not all, cases. The one shown below is a bit of a premium price, but the quality should follow. Blu Dot on the whole is an excellent brand if you're going for a more modern aesthetic for your design. Check out their full offering on Wayfair and All Modern. 

Blu Dot Flare arm Sleeper Sofa

Design Within Reach also has a couple of nice Futon style modern sofa's if you want to splurge on a quality piece that will stand the test of time. 

 1. $4495  |  2. $2495

Arhaus may also be a bit of a splurge for an STR, but they're such a great company making such well made products I wanted to share a few options anyway.

1. $2499  |  2. $7899  |  3. $4349

A newish company on the sofa scene in the last few years is Interior Define. I LOVE this company. They're customer service and quality are top notch and they have a very interesting story about how they pivoted their business at the start of the pandemic

Most importantly, they make super high quality and custom furniture so you can make one of their sofa's work no matter what your design needs are. (Unless your need is to have it super quickly. Pay attention to those lead times as these are custom made products.)

1. $4395  |  2. $2395  |  3. $3095  |  4. $2145

If you're searching for a deal, check out these options below. They have good reviews, but remember that generally speaking the you-get-what-you-pay-for truth of life will inevitably apply here too.

If you need to go cheaper for now, that's fine, but a lower cost sofa may not last forever in a rental. And you certainly don't want it breaking while your guests are there. (That actually happened to me in an Airbnb once! It was an Ikea Sofa in a Chicago rental. Notice I haven't suggested any Ikea sofas in this post. ๐Ÿ˜‰I like to suggest other Ikea things, but go easy on using their soft furnishings.) 

1. $999  |  2. $539  |  3. $679  |  4. $328

You may have heard some of the STR guru's out there tell you to spend a night in your rental to make sure you know how comfortable it is from many perspectives. How are the sheets? Do you need a lamp in that dark corner? Does the neighbor's dog bark at 6am? (You'll probably want to warn your guests and/or talk to the neighbors.)

It would also be a great plan to lay down on the sleeper sofa to see how comfortable it is. You could always upgrade the mattress inside of your sleeper sofa, OR buy a foam topper for added comfort. (A foam topper would need to be stored in a closet so keep that in mind if storage is tight.)

My office actually serves as our guest bedroom in our home and we have a futon style sofa that turns into a queen bed. It has some tufted buttons which makes it a little bumpy, plus it sleeps very hard. I now add a foam topper to the bed when making it up for company and it sleeps like a DREAM. *Say all of our guests. I've not slept in it myself.* 

1. | 2. 

No matter which sofa you choose, be sure to check out the lead time for delivery and ensure it aligns with your plan for opening your STR. 

Again, if you're searching for the best sofa's for your rental and don't require the sleeper sofa part or you want some help in selecting the right sofa for your design, check out this blog. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Happy Shopping, friends! 

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