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airbnb ikea Jun 21, 2022
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I once stayed at an Airbnb in Canada that was very clearly stocked and furnished with 100% Ikea everything. From the dishes to the duvet covers to the sofa. All of it. It wasn't great. It wasn't horrible, but it was not great. It lacked soul, for one thing. 

Let me first clarify, I love Ikea. I love the experience of visiting the stores and seeing the vignettes all set up in their staged glory. I love buying their art supplies for my kids. They've got some incredible storage solutions, and I'm even a fan of their kitchens for the right application. 

But do I think a Short Term Rental should be 100% Ikea? Definitely not. And if you're here reading this, I probably don't need to explain why. To boil it down, it will not differentiate you or your rental. In a market flooded with Ikea everything, you can be better

That said, there are some excellent Ikea furniture and decor items that you should totally consider folding into your design. Because budgets! And because, Ikea does make some awesome things that look and feel more expensive than they actually are. 

So, here's a fun and highly visual list of...

My Favorite MUST HAVE IKEA Items for your Short Term Rental


1.TVARFOT lamp | 2.SUCCULENTS | 3.RANARP Wall Light | 4.DASEN Cabinet | 5.OWL Set |  6.SINNERLIG Pendant | 7.FARLOV Armchair | 8.ZZ Plant  & GRADVIS Pot  | 9.STOCKHOLM Mirror |  10.GESTALTA person  | 11.SMYCKA eucalyptus | 12.GRADVIS vase | 13.FULLTALIG candlestick | 14.SMYCKA artificial bouquet | 15. HURRING basket | 16.HOMSTA armchair | 17.KRISTIANNE cushion | 18.METTALISE cushion | 19.LOHALS rug | 20.ULLERSLEV sheepskin rug


You've probably seen the SINNERLIG Pendant in various interior posts on Instagram or Pinterest. This little guy can fold seamlessly into rustic or modern interiors. It's what I call a design chameleon, much like the Eames Molded Plastic chair look alikes

(above photo: Credit Marisa Vitale via Apartment Therapy)


Here is a picture of the FARLOV Armchair (below) out in the wild in a white fabric cover. (Same chair on above board in black velvet.)   This blogger Andrea shares her expertise on this chair and how to clean the slip covers if you want to be brave and go with white.

Too much for a rental?

Maybe. Depends on your patience with this type of cleaning maintenance, and your proximity to the property. 

(above image Pine and Prospect Home Blog. Click for a review of this chair and slipcovers.)



Ikea has carried the STOCKHOLM Mirror (below) for some time and it's SO GREAT! It is quality walnut and an excellent size for the price. Highly recommend one of these in your rental if your'e looking for a well priced and stylish mirror.  

(above image via: SASOU)


I would be remiss to post an Ikea article and not talk about the ASSEMBLY.

You've assembled some Ikea in your life, right? You go into it with a big glass of wine and all the optimism of Phil from Modern Family. An hour and a half in, the bottle of wine is almost gone, you've lost half the tiny screws and put on a piece backwards causing you to now have to dis-assemble, and reassemble. S#%T!!! 

Just me?

Most of the items I'm including in this blog don't require much if any assembly, but if you do choose Ikea dressers or cabinets, don't forget to factor in your time for assembling that thing, or the cost of paying someone else to do it. (And that goes for any Wayfair assembly-required items as well. Make sure to read reviews about ease of assembly before you buy.)  

My personal fav way to assemble Ikea is to hire a guy. Or gal. Especially if it's a ceiling height PAX unit. For the sake of your marriage, consider this as a reasonable option!

1.RAMEBO Mirror  | 2.FEJKA Potted Plant  | 3.ROTBLOETA Wall Clock  | 4.LERBODA frame | 5.RANARP Work Lamp | 6.BJOERKSTA Picture | 7.HAVSTA Cabinet | 8.BENEDIKTA Cushion | 9.KUSTFLY Cushion | 10.GLADOM Tray Table | 11.BUSKBO Armchair | 12.MOECKELBY Table | 13.FINNALA Sofa | 14.INGABRITTA Throw | 15.FEJKA Plant & CHIAFROEN Plant Pot | 16.INSVEP Basket 

If DIY is your thing, check out this Domino article for some fun and current ideas of amazing Insta worthy Ikea Hacks! 

 (above image design by Kate Hamilton Gray via Domino)

I also want to add that folding Ikea into your design does NOT negate the need to adhere to my NUMBER ONE cardinal rule for successful decorating: 

Have at least one item in each room that is older than you. Fold in that vintage and 2nd hand my friends for an instant jolt of character in any design. (Psst...the white curtain panels in the below picture are from Ikea!)


I LOVE rummaging around 2nd hand shops and antique stores for little accessory treasures for any design. 

Find something with a story, and some soul. Find something with some history and character and allow that to elevate your space to the next level and make your guests know that you put thought, effort and creativity into your design for them.

But also, do some Ikea where it makes sense.  

1.OPPHEM Mirror | 2.KNOPPAENG Frame set | 3.FRYKEN Box set | 4.FEJKA artificial plant | 5.HANDSKALAD hand | 6.TILLSYN hourglass | 7.HOLMVI throw | 8.KRANSBORRE CUSHION | 9.NAESSELKLOCKA cushion | 10.DYTAG cushion  | 11.FINANSIELL horse |  12.LERBODA Frame | 13.SNOEBYAR Table Lamp | 14.MARKNIVA peacock | 15.GLADOM tray table


You can also check out my best of Target blog here.  It's all about going high and low, friends. You got this!

Happy Hosting! 

P.S.- If you're hoping to learn more about how to design and furnish a show-stopping and unique Short Term Rental, check out my e-course where I break down this daunting process into an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide.

You can be the designer. I'll teach you how! 

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