Find The Best Ruggable Rug For Your Short Term Rental

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Ruggable Rug for Your Short Term Rental

I first learned about these washable rugs from Ruggable a couple of years ago. As a dog owner at the time and avid dog lover, I was immediately intrigued. 

But I'll be honest, I was skeptical. How could a flat weave rug that you can put inside of a washing machine actually look and feel nice enough to meet my rug standards? And does it actually wash and dry easily? 

Further investigation into this company, and a few years of incredible reviews from raving fans to sort through now, and I think this is actually an incredible design solution for a short term rental. 

Recently on an STR design webinar I hosted, someone asked what rug I would suggest for a vacation rental where lots of mud consistently gets tracked in due to location and clientele. (Apparently their guests did a lot of ATV riding and they were located in the woods.) Without hesitation I would suggest going with a Ruggable rug for any property like this where your rugs may be getting extra dirty. 

And even if your property doesn't consistently have mud tracked in, it's still a solid choice for a rental. Let's do a little digging into the details of how a Ruggable rug works so you can decide for yourself. 

          image above: Design by Jonathan Adler/ Photo via Ruggable 

How it works

When you buy your Ruggable, you'll also purchase a special rug pad that essentially velcros on to the top layer to keep it in place. You can choose from a standard rug pag, or a thicker one for extra cushion. 

To wash you simply take off the top layer, put it in the washing machine with any mild detergent, and you can even dry it on low heat. What?! I know. 

I have a friend in Nashville with 2 dogs and a baby who has 2 Ruggable rugs in her house, and she LOVES them. She told me that the washing and drying process was super easy and the rug went back down just like it came up but without the pet accident included. Amazing.

(See rug pad buying guide below. Very helpful.)


                    above image via: Ruggable 

I have also recently spoken with Lee, the owner of a beautiful short term rental in the Adirondacks.  They have added several ruggable rugs into their house and so far so good! They have a dog and allow pets which was part of the reason they were motivated to try out Ruggable for their rental. 

               above images via: ADK On My Mind

STR owner Lee says: "We have a dog, and the rugs are all very durable. Can’t beat the price! And I love that you can get replacement rugs - without having to buy another pad - if you want to update the look/design. I sound like a sales person, but I'm really a fan girl!"

How to Pick a Style

Okay now that we've established that Ruggable rugs are awesome (I'm planning to order one for my entryway soon!), let's talk about style. 

If you want to dive deep into the topic of rug selection, head to this blog where I break down the process into some easy reading with visuals. And at the bottom of that blog there are other non-ruggable rug resources for a rental. 

If you'd like some help selecting the perfect Ruggable rug for your rental, I've narrowed down the selection to some of my favorites in different styles. 

Persian & Vintage

If you're looking to infuse an old world or vintage vibe into your rental's floors, here are some great options to consider. 

1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4.


          above image: via Ruggable

Modern & Bold 

Going bold on the floor is a great way to add a splash of color and/or pattern to a room! All of these options have additional color ways to check out on the Ruggable site. 

1.   | 2.  | 3.  | 4.

          above image: via Ruggable 

Cabin Vibes

For cabin vibes think cozy and cool, or rustic with plaid. I adore the plaid look that Pretty on Friday's shows us in the image below. 

1.  | 2.  | 3.  | 4.


         above image: Design via Pretty On Fridays


Jonathan Adler

 Jonathan Adler is one of my design heros. It was actually his new Ruggable designs that caught my attention with this company again and sparked my interest to create this post.

I'm considering the snake rug for my entry, except that I have a large fear of snakes. We'll see how that pans out. But isn't it dreamy?!

1.  | 2.  |  3.  |  4.

All of his bold 'maximalism' designs are droll worthy. You can't go wrong with one of his rug patterns whether you allow it to be the shining color star of the room like the image below, or let the room to follow suit of the rug and be just as bold and loud.  



Moroccan rugs are a sure bet for many different styles. They're mostly very versatile, and number 3 below is one of Ruggables first plush rug toppers. Looks pretty amazing for a bedroom in a STR! 

1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.


Best of luck with your rug shopping, and if you do end up using a Ruggable I would LOVE to know your real honest feedback! You can shoot me a message here

Happy shopping and happy hosting, friends! 


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