Round Up: The Best Ceiling Fans for Your Airbnb

airbnb design ceiling fans round up Sep 23, 2022

(above image via Sunsets Over The Bay Airbnb)

As a designer, I've always felt a bit conflicted about the need for ceiling fans. In the past decent looking options haven't been easy to find, and they almost never look as nice as a beautiful pendant in a room. 

However, as a girl who grew up in Tennessee, I understand completely the need for them. Function over form is necessary sometimes, particularly in the hot regions. I grew up sleeping with a ceiling fan over head and on nearly all the time, something one can become quite addicted to actually.

I've noticed over the last couple of years there has been an increase in nicer looking fans hitting the market that don't offend my design sensibilities. So I thought I'd do a quick round up of my favorite ones I've seen lately, and some nice inspiration images of similar ones being used in well decorated homes.

1. Lowes $179.99 | 2. Lowes $159.98 | 3. Lowes $199.994. Lowes $349.99 |5. Shades of Light $330 | 6. Shades of Light $360


(above image via Style By Emily Henderson)

1.Shades of Light $350 | 2. Shades of Light $260 | 3. Home Depot $219  | 4.Home Depot $146  | 5.Home Depot $249 

As demonstrated by the fabulous modern bedroom below by Emily Henderson, a white-on-white look is one that is hard to get wrong. I love this Hunter fan from Home Depot for a quality fan at an excellent price. When hunting for great prices online, a key is looking for brands you know and trust. Hunter is one of those brands for me: great style and quality at a good price point. 

Some rooms may be worth a splurge when it comes to the ceiling fan. In those cases here are a few of my favorite fans over $400. Number 4 in the board below seems to be identical to the one shown in this Airbnb photo. Such a perfect choice for this well put together room. The real curved wood blades and the brass finish add the perfect amount of warmth to the the living room. 

(above image: West End Whisk Away Nashville listing on Airbnb. Photograph by: Bryan Ladd Photograpy) 

1.Shades of Light $478 | 2. Shades of Light $478 | 3. Shades of Light $734 | 4. Lamps Plus $516 | 5.Pottery Barn $508.96


Best of luck with finding a ceiling fan that's perfect for your space... there really are some great options out there. 

Stay cool and happy hosting!




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