STR Design Made Easy: Modern Cottage

Feb 02, 2024

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 If you love the clean lines of a modern interior, and your happy place is a comfy sofa with a mug of something warm and delicious, then "modern cottage" might just be design aesthetic you've been searching for. With a neutral color palette and a focus on line and form, over decor and accessories, modern cottage manages to be comfortable and inviting without ever being showy.

Does it sound like this might be the design style you've been waiting for, then read on to find out more about... Modern Cottage Style.

image above: Rikki Snyder


image above: Emily Followill



As always, I'm here to hold your hand through every step of the process...

Follow my easy steps:


1. Keep your color palette simple. Stick with whites, neutrals, and some black to ground your space, with just one or two accent colors used throughout.  

2. Spend time selecting art. Because the decor and colors are minimal in a contemporary space, art becomes forefront. Find something unique and playful to spice things up!

3. Keep comfort in mind. Cottages are inherently cozy places. Make sure to select furniture that will feel comfortable, and add throws and comfy pillows to soften up a minimal design. 

image above: Morris & Co


image above: Damian Russell


Want to skip straight to the good bit? (Shopping!) Look no further than my hand-picked shoppable boards below:

1. framed picture | 2. plant | 3. end table | 4. pillows | 5. sofa | 6. throw | 7. lamp | 8. end table | 9. pillows | 10. candlesticks | 11. bowl | 12. vase | 13. sideboard | 14. rug | 15. coffee table | 16. lamp | 17. mirror | 18. plant pot


1. artwork | 2. lamps | 3. bedside tables | 4. bed | 5. pillows | 6. white pillow | 7. taupe pillows | 8. plaid blanket | 9. lamp | 10. wooden bowl | 11. vase | 12. dresser | 13. faux plant | 14. rug | 15. stool | 16. chair | 17. faux plant | 18. lamp | 19. mirror


Clean and modern, but with warmth and coziness at its core... Is Modern Cottage style the look you've been searching for for your Airbnb?  Be sure to take my style quiz to find out!

Happy designing!

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STR Design Made Easy: Modern Cottage

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