A Beach Property With Coastal Charm: Revisited - Part 2

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1. lamp shade | 2. lamp base | 3. throw pillow | 4. art (similar) | 5. plant (similar) | 6. lamp | 7. wood knot | 8. curtains | 9. quilt (similar)  | 10. end table |.11. dresser (similar, ours was local)

Welcome back, Airbnb design enthusiasts!

Today, we dive into the exciting journey of transforming the bedroom at the Sea Glass condo, located in beautiful Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As we continue to share our adventures from the Better Your BNB project, I'm excited to take you behind the scenes and discuss the challenges we encountered while revamping this space. Join me as we explore how we overcame unexpected hurdles to create a stunning bedroom design. 

To read the first blog in the series where I discuss the living room design of this beach condo makeover, click here!

Let's start this post with the before photos of the bedroom. 

Adapting to Unexpected Furniture Dilemmas:

In any design project, there are always going to be unexpected surprises that arise. One such challenge at the Sea Glass condo was the existing dresser. Initially, the plan was to keep it, but after seeing it in person, it became clear that the dresser was too small and didn't fit with the room's overall vision. (The photos I had of the space didn't show this angle, and I couldn't see how small it was.)

Never ones to be deterred, we swiftly adapted by searching out local dresser options that were in stock and would enhance the room's aesthetic. This took some running around to the local Myrtle Beach furniture stores, but this adjustment allowed us to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the bedroom.

The bedroom was naturally quite a dark space, so I wanted the dresser to be white to help make it feel coastal and airy. After exhausting the local area's furniture stores, we decided on the one on the bottom right in the below options! It was the best quality for the price, in stock, and went well with the style of the existing headboard, which we were keeping.  

Another challenge I realized after visiting the property in person was that the existing end tables weren't going to work either. They looked okay, albeit un-exciting, in the listing photos I was working off, but once I got up close and personal I realized they had quite a few chips and scratches. That plus the boring match-y-ness of them, meant we needed to find another solution. 

I found an end table on Wayfair that was quick-ship and seemed to match the bedframe pretty well from best I could tell online. In order to be sure this table worked with the pieces we were keeping in the room, mainly the bed and new lamps that were already purchased, I quickly put them into a Canva board, like below, to give me full confidence with my online purchase. 

Luckily, they looked even better in person. They were solid wood and brass tables that assembled super quickly and they fit in our budget. It was a win! 

The other major setback in this room was the art. I ordered a piece that was lovely but ultimately because of our unforeseen furniture purchases just ended up being too expensive. So I sent it back to Wayfair and found something locally from Target that was on sale and worked even better. Whoop!

We also bought a new TV for this space, and can I just point out the insanity of this sconce location? Seriously, whose idea was this? Obviously, that had to come down as well and be patched to hang a properly-sized TV over the dresser.  

The Afters (Taken with my iPhone. Professional photos pending.) 

Conclusion: Design projects often present unforeseen challenges that require flexibility, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. The bedroom transformation at the Sea Glass condo exemplified this process! We encountered unexpected hurdles including an ill-fitting dresser, damaged end tables, and artwork budget constraints. Through quick thinking, resourcefulness, and a commitment to our vision, we successfully navigated these challenges and transformed the bedroom into a stunning, cohesive space.

Check out the boards below to bring some of The Sea Glass condo into your design! (Don't forget to click here to see before and afters of the living room.) 

1. lamp shade | 2. lamp base | 3. throw pillow | 4. art (similar) | 5. plant (similar) | 6. lamp | 7. wood knot | 8. curtains | 9.quilt (similar) | 10. end table |.11. dresser (similar, ours was local)


1. bikini art | 2. grass circular artwork | 3. jute mirror | 4. arc lamp | 5. end table | 6. curtains | 7. faux plant | 8. plant stand | 9. faux air plant | 10. throw pillows | 11. barstool | 12. tv stand/storage | 13. coffee table | 14. sisal rug 


And the best part of my week in Myrtle Beach running around like crazy trying to stage 3 condos to perfection in mere days? Hanging out with this fabulous lady right here, Stacey St. John. What a delight and inspiration she is. After working together for months virtually, we discovered we like each other even more in person! 🤗

Stay tuned for more upcoming blog posts, where I'll continue to share the adventures Stacey and I had during these condo makeovers in Myrtle Beach. And remember that this summer we will have entertaining episodes of our weekly property review show, Better Your BNB, where we will take you along with us for every up-and-down chair debacle and curtain disaster on the way to making these Myrtle Beach properties great! 

Happy designing and Happy Hosting!

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