A No Brainer List: The Best Bedding and Mattress for your Airbnb

THE BED is for obvious reasons SUPER consequential to the overall happiness of your guests. Happy guests leave good reviews and refer your spot to friends and re-book for future dates. All important to the overall success of your rental business! 

If you need some inspiration for the design of the bedroom, head to this post.

Here, we're gonna talk about the way to achieve the highest levels of comfort for your Airbnb beds with the best mattress and bedding choices! 

Let's Start with the Mattress

When my family is going on vacation, I'll inevitably choose the Airbnb with the cutest design, and best reviews. I don't often think about bed comfort, but some people are obsessive about this. They'll look for specific comments in your reviews about the bed, or ask what specific brand your mattress is.

We recently stayed at an Airbnb that did so many design things right! Window sill full of succulents? Check! Freshly renovated bathroom with antique clawfoot tub and super fluffy white towels? Check! Eclectic and original artwork all around? Check Check!!! 

Then we checked in, and found it to be even more charming and full of character than the listing photos showed. I was happy, which means my husband was happy. Which obviously means the kids were also happy. It's a spiral effect, these things.

Then later when we crawled into the gorgeous hotel crisp white sheets in the master bed, it felt like crawling onto a mattress made of many large stuffed animals and a whole lot of ill placed metal springs. Every time we moved it felt like being punched in the side with a spring loaded spring. I went to summer camp every year as a kid, and I would have gladly taken one of those thin tiny mattresses over this thing. 

We survived, as you do. But it's the one reason why I chose not to leave a review at all. The place was stunning front to back, clean, really well decorated, with kind and responsive hosts and I had the worst sleep of my life. 

So moral of that story is: An uncomfortable mattress in a gorgeous Airbnb is like Polar Bear with no snow. It just doesn't work.

Bottom line? The guests who get the best sleep are always the happiest guests with the best 5 STAR reviews! 

(above image via Tuft and Needle)

As an easy reference, these are my top 3 mattress choices based on my experience as an Airbnb owner, designer, and guest, listed least to most expensive. 


$$ Tuft and Needle

$$ Casper

If you want further advice on mattresses, check out this video from The Slumber Yard. These guys have done all the research for you. 

Now Let's Talk Bedding

The best bed has LAYERS. What does this mean? It means choices. And choices mean happiness. It means more than just a top sheet and a heavy duvet. Any other hot sleepers out there feel me on this?

Okay, listen, I know we need to be practical. For the sake of the planet and your quick turnover time, you can leave some of the layers folded in the closet neatly if you'd like. Then you only have to wash them if they're used.  

So here's my tip for creating the perfectly layered Airbnb Bed, with ultimate cleanliness and sanitation in mind! 

1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5.6.

Let's break this down a bit further. 

  1.  Mattress Protector - I've used this one personally in my own home and on various Airbnb beds including my own. It's breathable, never sleeps hot, and doesn't sound at all crinkly under the sheets. 
  2. Sheets! - These are so important for guest happiness. I'm a BIG fan of these hospitality grade sheets made by Standard Textile. They're made for all the hot washes and bleach in their future. I'd suggest sticking with white no matter what. It's psychological; white sheets feel cleaner and studies have proven people do actually feel this way.  If you want to read up more on sheets, check out this Good House Keeping report. I've had good experience with Wamasutta Brand sheets as well, but I wouldn't expect them to last quite as long as the Standard Textile brand. 
  3. A breathable cotton blanket is a great addition to your Airbnb bed, in my opinion because it adds options for hot sleepers. (That's me!) I used to keep ours folded in the closet of our Airbnb and I would say about 30% of guests got it out and added it to the bed. This kept us from washing it unnecessarily.  Better for the planet, better for our turnover time. Win win!
  4. Quilts and Duvets - Now you can add a quilt and a duvet or just a duvet. From a practicality standpoint, just a duvet is better because the cover is easier to wash than a quilt. But if you are running a super luxury joint, a quilt is a great addition! I love Pottery Barn's options, as well as West Elm. I prefer to keep things fairly simple when it comes to color and pattern here, again going for that super clean hotel feeling. We went with this PB Essentials White 300 TC Sateen Duvet and Shams for our Airbnb and I can highly recommend it. It is SUPER soft and easy to wash. 
  5. Throw - Adding a throw at the end of the bed is always a fun way to add a splash of color or texture to the room. Target always has a good selection at a great price. 
  6. Pillows - How many pillows are too many pillows? Honestly I get from a practical standpoint your Airbnb bed shouldn't have a million shams to wash. I think 2 very soft breathable shams are a great addition to the 2 sleeping pillows on a Queen bed. If  nothing else, just add two extra sleeping pillows with regular pillow cases, but do have at least 2 pillows per guest! We stocked up with various sizes and filling types from Sams club and scattered them around our rental. That way various types of sleepers have options. Who doesn't love options!? 
  7. Decorative Pillow- This finishing touch can add a nice splash of color and texture to the bed. World Market has excellent lumbar pillows and one of these usually works really well on a queen bed. Find your fav that works with your color scheme and call it done! 

(above image: design by Emily Henderson)

For more reading about gaining 5 star reviews from your guests, check out this blog: How to be like a hotel but better!

Happy Hosting! 

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