Airbnb Style Spotlight: Vintage vibes at Captain's Cottage, Tasmania

Feb 16, 2024

If this time of year leaves you feeling a bit meh and longing for the balmy days of summer, then this blog is for you! Grab a mug of something delicious, put your feet up, and let me whisk you away to the gorgeous Captain's Cottage in Tasmania, Australia. This lovely cottage dates back to the mid-1800s and has been lovingly restored by owners Kylie and Sean. Small but perfectly formed, this lovely Airbnb is a masterclass in how to make a small space feel cozy and luxurious and how to use vintage items to maximize this effect.

Be sure to keep scrolling to the end of the blog to shop my picks to bring this gorgeous style into your Airbnb...



Living room

Doesn't this living room just make you want to kick off your shoes, and sink into that chair for a while?! I love how the soft textures of the pouf and throw play against the course natural fibers of the jute rug and rattan light shade. The dried plants are the perfect finishing touch to make this place feel like a home from home. Check this blog out for more help selecting the perfect plants (and faux plants!) for your Airbnb.


Dining room

I love how the soft green walls of this room and the fresh green foliage tie in with the view from the window to the landscape beyond. 


Artwork and ornaments

How do you make a place feel calm and minimalist, without feeling stark? I wrote about that in this post. But, clue... It's all in the color scheme! By sticking with these beautiful muted, natural tones right through from the walls to the artwork and ornaments, Kylie and Sean have added visual interest without taking away from the tranquility of the space.

And never underestimate the power of books when it comes to accessorizing your space and pulling a color scheme together! I LOVE styling with books. Check out this reel for one of my favorite hacks for color-coordinating books that will cost you next to nothing at your local thrift store.




Some beautiful bedding, a vintage nightstand, and some carefully selected artwork on the wall are a great start to make a bedroom feel welcoming and cozy. The tight color scheme of dusty pinks and earthy browns keeps the look coherent while being easy on the eye. Aaaand, relax...



As beautifully thought out as the rest of the house, this garden is proof that you don't need acres of space to make your garden feel like an extra room. Lovely rambling roses and some furniture in keeping with the rest of the cottage make this an enticing spot for your morning cuppa!




I highly recommend hitting up your local flea markets and thrift stores if at all possible, but I know that sometimes you may need to shop in a more concise way online. So here is a shippable board featuring some of my favorite things and shops on Etsy, and also some not-vintage items to layer in. 

1. coat hooks | 2. bamboo mirror | 3. horse and dog oil painting | 4. decorative branches | 5. dried hydrangeas | 6. green vase | 7. terra cotta vase | 8. pendant light | 9. swan art | 10. fancy umbrella | 11. vintage rattan thingy | 12. vintage wooden crate | 13. vintage books | 14. bunny statue | 15. rug | 16. console table | 17. basket


Click here to book your stay in this stunning rental on Airbnb.

And be sure to give them a follow on Instagram: @captainscottagehobart... I'm intrigued to find out more about their forthcoming Garden Alchemy course.

Until next time, Happy Hosting!

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