There's no place like Target... Shopping for your Airbnb

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As many of you will know I was born and raised in Tennessee and have been lucky enough to travel the world in recent years, before settling in England. (Speaking of traveling the world... 👀 hop into that blog to read about my upcoming year of travel.)

Cambridge, where we now live, is wonderful, but do you know one of the things I miss most about living in America? Aside from being close to my family, of course... it's Target. That glorious superstore where you can buy everything you need (plus a whole bunch of things you don't) all under one roof!

No matter how far and wide I travel, I have yet to find another store where you can buy a fantastic lamp, a new rad jean jacket, and your favorite lavender laundry detergent all under one roof. 

I'm sometimes wary of including Target items in my blog posts because they have such a high turnover of stock — especially on their hottest on-trend interior goods. But the items in this blog are some of my tried-and-tested, go-to favorites and they're just too good not to share with you. If they're out of stock then just come back another day and keep your fingers crossed that the great red Target goddess is smiling favorably on you. Or just keep on browsing and tell me what other treasures you find!


First up, a board of some of my absolute favorites. Buy them, put them anywhere and everywhere, and love them! Then we'll move on to my room-by-room breakdown...

Enjoy this blog and let me live vicariously through you and your access to this U.S.-only adult-female-wonderland of a store. Happy shopping!! 

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Try to layer in different textures in your entry as you see in this board: with a tactile jute entry rug paired with the sleek black of the sideboard.

Target has really great faux plants (as do Homegoods and Wayfair) and I am generally always impressed by the Vickerman brand of faux plants, that Target carries. 

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Living Room

Don't be afraid to mix woods inside one room. It's perfectly fine to have more than one type or color of wood, just try to think about how you can achieve balance in the room. In this room, there are black wood pieces mixed in with the blonde oak on the side chair. Think about your room in floorplan view and try to balance different woods around the room.

Keeping to a tight color scheme throughout will keep the overall aesthetic feeling calm and easy on the eye. Check out this blog for more on this!

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Hidden in the middle of this pretty bathroom board is my number 1 recommendation for towels: Casaluna towels from TargetThese are just one of the fantastic products featured on my amenities list — the ultimate time-saving shopping list for prepping your Airbnb!

My best friend who I always stay with in Nashville uses these exclusively and always has them in her guest bathroom. I can attest they are the softest fluffiest towels I think I've ever had the pleasure of using. They wash and dry really well and also stay fluffy & soft over time. 

And how awesome are these cute neutral shower curtains? 

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No matter what you do in the bedroom of your short-term rental, do make sure you have a lamp or two ( or three...). You can't get enough warm glowly light at eye level, and Target has some excellent affordable choices for table lamps.

To learn how to layer in the right bedding for a rental head to this blog, and to read more about bedroom design head here.

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So there you have it. My top picks from one of my favorite stores.

Happy decorating and happy hosting!


👇  P.S.- Be sure to click below to access my Round-Ups shopping page to make planning your Airbnb Design a little easier!  👇

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