The 10 Best Affordable Furniture Stores for your Airbnb

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Let's get this straight... The furniture you choose to put in your short-term rental will impact the success of your hosting business. Some STR investors see the furniture as an afterthought, thinking only of the investment of the property itself. However, how smoothly that property is able to operate is dependent on the performance of the fixtures and fittings. That includes the furniture! And the operation of your property is your Airbnb business in a nutshell. So trust me on this. Furniture matters!!

There are many things to consider when purchasing furniture for a short-term rental property, not least of which is the cost. It is of course important to consider up-front cost and what return you'll see on the investment as a whole. You need to remember though, that furniture is what your guests will be sitting on, lying on, sleeping on, eating on, and... well, you know. It will be used and abused and the last thing you want is to have to replace furniture, particularly when a guest is present on the property. *gasp* *embarrassment* (I once stayed in an Airbnb in Chicago where a leg on the sofa broke as soon as we sat on it. It was a low-quality Ikea sofa. That is NOT the welcome you want to be giving your guests!)

So quality at a reasonable price point, that's the goal. But there is one more important cost to consider when buying cheap, low-quality furniture for your rental, and that cost is the air we breathe. Before you think I'm being melodramatic, consider this: The EPA estimates that 9 million tons of furniture are thrown into landfills every year. Not total... Every. Single. Year.

The short-term rental market is all about the joys of traveling and exploring this amazing planet, so let's be responsible hosts and all do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment. That means really thinking before you purchase and doing your best not to feed into the fast furniture epidemic.

For an Airbnb I've always said that the key to staying on budget whilst making your place look smashing is to go high-low with your purchasing. Quality where it matters! And save where it doesn't. Furniture in a short-term rental works HARD and the old adage "buy cheap, buy twice" is never truer than when it comes to purchasing these key items. To hear me talk more about this, head to this link and check out this free on-demand master class on STR design.

So with all of this in mind, I've pulled together a list of what I consider the top 10 best places to buy furniture for an Airbnb. Several things went into my decision-making process when I narrowed down this list and they include environmental impact, quality of goods, and ethical trade. If you're local to any of these stores then I encourage you to pay a visit before you click the "checkout" button. Sit on the sofa, kick your feet up on the bed... get a feel for what your guests will experience to ensure that you're making sound decisions that will stand the test of time.

Here is the list, and read below to see my comments and experience with each of these brands. 

  1. All Modern
  2. Article
  3. Burrow
  4. CB2
  5. Etsy
  6. Joss & Main
  7. Pottery Barn
  8. Shades of Light
  9. Urban Outfitters
  10. West Elm

All Modern (& Wayfair)

image above: All Modern

All Modern is under the Wayfair umbrella of brands. I usually prefer to shop the All Modern site versus Wayfair because they have a paired down selection with fewer "ugly" items. Sometimes I find Wayfair can leave me scrolling for hours looking for the right sofa/lamp/chair/table. Speaking of sofas, I've had awesome feedback from this one so can highly recommend.


image above: Article

Article is just all around a great place to shop for your rental. I've used them in many projects over the years, and even some light commercial applications. I especially love their sofas and dining chairs. For my full pick of affordable sofas for a rental head to this link.


image above: Burrow

Burrow is fairly new to the furniture scene, and I can't give any first-hand feedback since I haven't used any of their furniture myself. They do claim to use quality materials including FSC-certified woods. I LOVE their Vesper lounge chair if you're after a more contemporary design style. 


image above: CB2

I LOVE CB2 and Crate & Barrel. I've always been such a huge fan of both brands and have loved watching CB2 evolve over the last few years as such a design-forward retailer. If you want to see what's on the cutting edge of interior fashion, look no further.

I have heard excellent things about this sleeper sofa from CB2.


image above: Etsy

Let's be honest, Etsy deserves its own blog post. It can be an extremely overwhelming site, but there are so many fantastic small business vendors selling quality and affordable products that it's worth a sift through. Below are a few of my favorite shops, and in the meantime, I'll work on putting together a whole post on my fave Etsy shops to search through. 

Joss & Main

image above: Joss & Main

Joss & Main carries the higher-end lines of the Wayfair brands. I like it for the same reason I like All Modern. It offers a paired-down selection of nicer-looking and higher-quality items to scroll through.

If you're looking for a sectional, this one is (as I write this) quick ship and a great price.

Also, this is MY FAVORITE RUG from Joss & Main. Quality, affordable, and drop-dead gorgeous!

Pottery Barn

image above: Pottery Barn

Who doesn't love Pottery Barn? They're such a big player in the furniture game, and they offer great quality products with excellent customer service. I've used them so much over the years and even when things have gone wrong with an order they always take care of it and my customers. 

For a short-term rental, I can highly recommend this silky white duvet cover from their essentials line. I've used this duvet cover in a rental before and it held up extremely well, washes beautifully without tons of wrinkles, and remains fluffy and soft over time.

Shades of Light

image above: Shades of Light

This company started out offering gorgeous lighting, hence the name, and I've been a fan for nearly 8 years. I always start here when I'm looking for a statement light fixture, but they now also have really nice furniture, rugs, mirrors, and accessories. Their products have a broad range of prices and the ability to search by price and style, which I find really helpful when on the search for a certain item. 

I love these little milkglass hive fixtures and these uniquely shaped mirrors

Urban Outfitters

image above: Urban Outfitters

Every time I pass an Urban Outfitters I feel like they may stop me at the door and not allow me in on account of my age. (Too old, obviously.) But I must say I do love shopping their home goods items online. ;) They've got some amazing furniture pieces, like this gorgeous arched wood cabinet

West Elm

image above: West Elm

I love West Elm. You love West Elm. We all love West Elm. They offer quality and fashion forward items at good prices. ALWAYS look out for sales from here and Pottery Barn when you can!

If you live near a West Elm showroom, it's definitely worth a visit in person to touch, feel, and sit on any potential purchases.

Here is my favorite West Elm sofa, and their best well priced, quick ship, gorgeous side chair.

So there you have it. My top 10 go-to, affordable, good-quality furniture stores. Some companies are really going above and beyond when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices. I'd like to give a special mention to Made Trade and The Citizenry. These guys are putting social impact at the forefront of everything they do, whilst still producing utterly gorgeous home goods. What's not to love?!

Happy shopping, friend! Just remember to really think about how your item will be used and consider its "true cost" before you bag yourself a bargain.

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